Two airplanes collide at Jakarta airport

Two airplanes collided at an airport in Indonesia's capital Jakarta, resulting in a wing bursting into flames.

A Batik Air passenger plane was taking off when its wing clipped the tail of a TransNusa airplane being towed across the runway.

Authorities said there were no injuries in the Monday night occurrence, and all passengers were evacuated safely.

Indonesia has actually had a depressing air safety record amidst a boom in flight, particularly with budget carriers.

Mangled parts

The incident took place at the largely-domestic Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta, causing the short-lived closure of the airport.

The Batik Air aircraft was bringing 49 travelers and crew, reported AFP news agency.

A spokesman for budget plan provider Lion Air Group, which owns Batik Air, told the wire news firm that the pilot had actually aborted the takeoff after the crash, and passengers and crew were safe.

Transport ministry authorities stated the collision had mangled parts of both aircraft. A video posted online programs flames appearing from the Batik Air airplane wing.

In 2013, a Lion Air plane boiled down except the runway at Bali's Denpasar airport and crashed into the sea, in an event that hospitalized a minimum of 22 individuals.

That exact same year another Lion Air aircraft skidded off a runway on the island of Sulawesi after it crashed into a cow.

In 2014, an Indonesian subsidiary of AirAsia flying from Surabaya to Singapore crashed into the sea, eliminating all 162 onboard.