Best Beaches in Asia

Island hopping in South East Asia is on many a bucket list, and for a good reason. The sheer variety of stunning locations, each within an easy boat or aircraft ride from one another, produces a tempting journey. It’s a popular choice for spring break, a graduation journey, a honeymoon, or even a multi-generation journey, because in between the great hotels, great food, and no lack of activities, there’s something for everybody.

Recently, the increased airlift has actually also made it a lot simpler for Americans to visit. A lot of choose to fly into Hong Kong or Singapore, and then take smaller sized, local airplanes from there to the lots of islands in the area. Whether you’re planning a girl’s trip to Thailand or a family vacation to Malaysia, the beach will certainly be the star of the trip. And while you could definitely string numerous of these beaches into one vacation, if you’d prefer to remain in one place and be pampered, there are fantastic resorts with personal beaches on this list too.

Travelers are likewise beginning to pass the tried-and-true spots in Bali and Phuket, to islands that are more off the beaten track, from the Philippines to Borneo. And in nations that aren’t understood for their beaches, like India and Cambodia, charming sandy resorts have actually appeared as a great addition to any trip.

And most importantly, many of these trips can be carried out in a completely cost effective way. If you can avoid Christmas or Chinese New Year, there are frequently flight deals to Asia that range in between $500 round-trip from the West Coast to $700 round-trip from the East Coast. Hotels, specifically the 3- and four-star choices, are fairly cheap, and obviously, you’ll be able to consume like royalty for a fraction of what you’d pay stateside.

There might be lots of beautiful beaches more detailed to home, but these spots are a must for any Asia itinerary, and offer a good escape from the dynamic metropolitan locations. Keep reading for our list of the very best beaches that must be on every traveler’s list.